Lost Sunrise ©, is a touching story of love and triumph and is inspired by true events. It tells of a young photographer who returns from World War II, tortured by the ghosts of his past, and how he struggles each day to find the beauty he once saw in the simplest things. Each morning he turns to the sunrise searching for answers, yet only begins to find peace when a love from his past finds her way home and in-turn teaches him to love, forgive and bury the ghosts of war.

Spot, (in work), tells the story of Ian Holt, a man that thought he had everything he wanted in life; the career, the perfect wife, and the big home, but that all changes when a terrible accident takes his wife and daughter from him and leaves him alone to face the future. Now with his family gone, he realizes he can’t turn back time and he feels as if he wasted their lives chasing a career.  He toils for a time, but he finally steps out of his depression and embarks on a journey to remember his wife and daughter. His journey is one of love, remembrance and healing old wounds.

Last boys club, (in work), is the story of four young sailors that joined the military to escape their past lives. They set out to prove that they will make it in this world, but during their journey, they come to grips with their past, the challenges in front of them and a future that is uncertain. Last Boys club is a coming of age story that focuses on healing old wounds, the bonds of war and the strength of friendship.

Songs of my brother, (in work), is the story of Quinn Melton as he heads out to help his brother who is recovering from a terrible divorce. He sets out on this journey thinking he is going to help his brother pack up his life and move back to the mid-west, but what he finds is this trip is less about his brother and more about finding his own way back home. This story is one of self-discovery, healing and finding truth in a place he didn’t expect.