About Garrett

Garrett McCorkle was born in a small town east of Indianapolis known for basketball, corn fields and being located in the middle of nowhere. He was a quiet child that didn’t fit the mold of the great student or stellar athlete, but a dreamer who fell firmly in between.

He was raised by a mother that had a love for books and old movies and a father that was a devout gym junkie and outdoorsman. Their drive for very different areas of life taught Garrett to love reading and the charm of old movies and to also embrace the outdoors, where he felt most at home. (Garrett is the guy at the gym who will be watching an old-World War II classic or Singin’ in the Rain while putting in the miles on the treadmill.)

In high school, he worked several jobs. Part of the time he held a position for a local farm implement store on the outskirts of town and during the summers he would hire on with farmers around the county bailing hay and tending to livestock… he quickly learned what his father meant when he said, “Work smarter not harder and you will get further in life!”

It was in high school that Garrett developed a love for writing and photography. From his freshman year on he trained with a local photographer that taught him all the aspects of making pictures, but it was writing that truly lit his creative desire. Throughout high school, and into college, he attended public speaking and writing courses to develop his skills and he was often seen jotting down stories into a tattered notebook he carried… and secretly hoping that one of his stories might be good enough for his first novel.

At the age of 17, seeking adventure and escape from his sleepy little burg, he joined the Navy and traded the countryside for the high seas and the deserts of the middle east. He deployed multiple times around the world in support of the U.S. government’s anti-terror efforts and received numerous awards and commendations for his honorable service. He often says that even though it was only a few years of service it is the one period of his life that has influenced him the most.

After the Navy, he returned to college where he graduated from The Citadel Military academy in Charleston South Carolina as well as Indiana University in 2006. He holds both a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters Degree.

After college, and several more years of working in leadership and management, he was recruited to start his next adventure as he moved into the life of consulting for an international consultancy. His work allowed him to travel all over the world and he found it to be exciting and challenging, but he couldn’t help but feel as if something was missing.

He realized he wasn’t writing as much as he wanted so he refocused his time back into writing and pictures. While on the road he made as much time as possible to write, and he completed his first novel, Lost Sunrise, in 2015.

These days you can find Garrett someplace between Australia, New York or New Orleans Louisiana. When he isn’t busy with travel or one of his clients you can usually find him carrying around one of his tattered notebooks with story ideas as he strives to complete his next novel.

Garrett has several novels completed or in work.

His first novel, Lost Sunrise ©, is a touching story of love and triumph and is inspired by true events. It tells of a young photographer who returns from World War II, tortured by the ghosts of his past, and how he struggles each day to find the beauty he once saw in the simplest things. Each morning he turns to the sunrise searching for answers, yet only begins to find peace when a love from his past finds her way home and in-turn teaches him to love, forgive and bury the ghosts of war.

His second novel, Spot, tells the story of Ian Holt, a man that thought he had everything he wanted in life; the career, the perfect wife, and the big home, but that all changes when a terrible accident takes his wife and daughter from him and leaves him alone to face the future. Now with his family gone, he realizes he can’t turn back time and he feels as if he wasted their lives chasing a career.  He toils for a time, but he finally steps out of his depression and embarks on a journey to remember his wife and daughter. His journey is one of love, remembrance and healing old wounds.

Last boys club, is the story of four young sailors that joined the military to escape their past lives. They set out to prove that they will make it in this world, but during their journey, they come to grips with their past, the challenges in front of them and a future that is uncertain. Last Boys club is a coming of age story that focuses on healing old wounds, the bonds of war and the strength of friendship.

Songs of my brother, is the story of Quinn Melton as he heads out to help his brother who is recovering from a terrible divorce. He sets out on this journey thinking he is going to help his brother pack up his life and move back to the mid-west, but what he finds is this trip is less about his brother and more about finding his own way back home. This story is one of self-discovery, healing and finding truth in a place he didn’t expect.

Garrett is an active member of the Romance Writers of America as well as a member of the Low country Romance Writers in Charleston South Carolina.

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