I started writing, formally, about 10 years ago through the prodding of a friend of mine, Mark McClure. Mark is a published writer in the sci-fi genre and I was one of those people that met the author and said, “Oh I think I have a good idea for a book.” Mark quickly responded with “Well then, you should put pen to paper and write it!” He went on to tell me that whenever someone finds out he is a writer they almost immediately pitch a book idea to him. He went on to say that coming up with ideas to write is never a problem…finding time to do them all is the real challenge!

I did take Mark’s advice and started writing, but as I learned, this is no easy task. I think I spent days writing the opening paragraph and I changed it a dozen times, but once I had the opening it started to get a little easier. As I got into the meat of the story the plot just evolved, but I went at writing my first book without a plan… I don’t recommend going at this way!

Over time I have developed my approach to writing and I have looked at what other authors do to deliver winning results, but as Mark said, finding time is the big challenge.

For those of us that do put pen to paper, we quickly learn that writing is a labor of love. You have to find inspiration and time to write, all the while, keeping up with your day job, family and anything else that comes along.  In the middle of life happening we also have to find time to read, read and read! Reading is research for me and I am always interested to see how authors paint vivid pictures with the stories they tell.

I am currently working to get my first novel, Lost Sunrise published. I have had the privilege of collaborating with a very successful editor, Lynsey Griswold, who has done an amazing job on editing my work and challenging me around my story.  The editing process has been an educational experience, but it is one that has helped me grow and develop my craft.

We will see how the publishing process goes, but for now I am going to head back to finishing up my next novel Spot.


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